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Vairão Monastery

This Accommodation Centre is 8 km away from the municipality, Vila do Conde, and offers both exceptional accommodation and group activity conditions: holiday camps, exchanges, seminars, workshops, etc...


The Centre has 3 independent accommodation units (each containing its own meeting room, dormitories with bunk beds and lockers, male and female toilet facilities and wash rooms), kitchen, refectory and self-service, day room, discotheque, games room, library, rooms for workshops, meetings and shows, a cloister and ample exterior space, swimming pool, tents, mountain bikes, audiovisual and technological equipment.


Accommodation capacity (dormitories with a capacity for 10 to 12 people in bunk beds):

- Unit A - up to 48 people;

- Unit B - up to 40 people;

- Unit C - up to 48 people.

Group Accommodation Price List

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