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Learning Portuguese at Holiday Camps

Portuguese Language and Culture Learning Holiday Camps

This summer, have an excellent holiday experience in Portugal and learn the Portuguese language at the same time. Combine interactive lessons in international classes with radical activities, games and through socialising with people of your age in a fantastic environment!


Learning success depends, in part, on the proposed formula: immersion in the linguistic setting, direct contact with youths and adults who come from different parts of Portugal and who have a cultural awareness of the country. It also depends on the competency of teachers, who are very carefully selected.


By totally integrating these Portuguese languages classes in our Holiday Camp programme, they are designed to motivate participants, creating a relaxed atmosphere which is simultaneously demanding and geared towards achieving good results. 


The teaching system is based primarily on communication and uses a broad range of didactic methodologies: grammar, conversation, oral comprehension, reading, vocabulary and writing. The learning material given to each participant at the beginning of the Holiday Camp is adapted to each age group and organised into levels.


The Linguistic Holiday Camps last for two weeks (15 days). Language training has a 40 hour time-table. Teachers have specific training on a post-graduate level in Portuguese as a Foreign Language. The programmes are in line with the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are scientifically overseen by Camões, IP (Institute for Cooperation & Language).


The Holiday Camps are of irrefutable educational value since they provide children and youths with experiences and spaces that may contribute to the acquisition and consolidation of individual and social competencies. Competencies associated with the promotion of a set of social and human values, such as equal opportunities, solidarity, cooperation, social cohesion, respect for differences, active citizenship and participatory democracy.


The above-mentioned activities are licensed pursuant to section 5 of Decree-Law no 32/2011, of 7th March (Registration no. 145/DRLVT).




Illustration: Alain Corbel


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